Friday 20th January 2017

The days are counting away, and over the past two weeks, I have been reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. A recommended read for those who have not read it before.


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I’m almost near completion and this book has stimulated my financial mindset, Chapter 8 is named “Getting Started”

I will be dotting down my intentions in relation to the following question: – Find a reason greater than reality; the power of spirit. What is my reason behind acquiring wealth?

-Aided by this book I am more aware of the unbalance between classes – classical Robin Hood moment but also wealth inequality.

-I want to be free, spend my time with loved ones. Being able to support my mother who has a disability any time of day.

-I want to not stress about the future, how will I provide for my family and give them a solid foundation.
I grow up unaware of the worries my mother went through.

-I want to be free from the office environment, an environment filled with results driven and impersonal people.

– I want to explore this amazing planet we live on, experience new things and people.

-I want to spend my key hours on something personal to me, something that will allow me to grow us an individual.

– I want to inspire my brother but others in this world. Hold that belief that anything is possible.

– I don’t want to free trapped or like a modern day slave, facing taxes (working for 4 months for free essentially) and requesting my own holiday time (limited to x amount of days)

-I don’t want to ever seek for time off (gaining my time back) or use the phrase “Did you sell yourself”.