Monday 13th January 2017

Have I grown? What have I learned? What have I overcome?

Being mindful is so important just to keep you sane, but also to enable happiness. We often led our lives running from one place to another but rarely take time out to reflect.
For me taking time out enables me to identify my growth but also listen to my mind and its worries.

Now the beauty of this moment doesn’t have to be done alone, within Bristol I have created a mastermind group for like minded individuals to discuss:-

1) Their greatest win?

2)What are they working on?

3)What are they struggling with?

4)Any article or material they have stumbled across that may be of us to the group?

5) What is your 30-day goal?

The last question is a commitment goal to yourself but also the act of voicing it makes you accountable. You don’t want to show up in 30 days not achieving what you set out to do.

For me, this accountability is what keeps me on my toes, but also by voicing the goal you have to form the plan of actions, and what steps are going to be required.
If you make a blanket statement be prepared for probing by your peers, who will try and find out what steps you have thought about?

So what were my goals for January and then I achieve them:-

1)To make £3000 profit by buying and selling in a month
By the end of the month I achieve around 10% of this, however, this failure is a teaching and has made me look at other methods and strategies.

2)To lose 2% body fat by HIIT training and eating healthier
Losing weight is a lifestyle change and has been relatively easy to do, I am waking up in the morning and doing 10 minutes of skipping with the intensity increase over time.
I have yet to measure my body fat, but visually I can see the improvements.
Foodwise I’m not eating out that often, and I have become aware of the type of food I eat especially carbohydrates.

We are in February and I challenge you!

My 30-day challenge is:-

1)Complete the backbone to Tag Me In Podcast (Website, Target Audience, Social Media strategy)

2)To make £600 profit by buying and selling in a month

3)To increase the number of members/attendees to both my Mastermind group and the Co-Working session.