Saturday 11th March 2017

I’m currently reading 5 love languages and it has been a great read, as I explore the world of love I find myself questioning a partner or friend language love and what’s the most effective way to show my love.

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More interestingly this book has made me notice what languages I like to receive love.
I’m a huge fan of quality time and touches and by reading this book it has helped me identify that.

The book also speaks about the “in love” feeling, that honeymoon feeling we all have when we start a new relationship, where a person is seen as a goddess/god and has little to none flaws but eventually it fades.
Apparently, this is normal and the desire and believe the in love feeling would last forever is unhealthy, enjoy being completely absorbed by someone else, have a huge fascination that occupies your brain from morning to night. You simply won’t achieve anything, such an important lesson for myself as I believed the in love feeling should last a lifetime.

With a relationship, you will have up and down moments and it’s about how you manage those fluctuations especially when you speak your partner’s love language.